Wednesday, May 12, 2010

we are all very delicate flowers

Warning...........the following was a bad dream long ago. Hello. I started this post on Wednesday May 12, 2010 and did not post it as I do not want the scammer to know that I am onto him or her. In their own little way they have taken control of a small part of my life.

I have been scammed again. This is the second time. Luckily this time I was suspicious right away and when the check arrived Wachovia confirmed my suspicions. They are dealing with it at this point.

A very strange coincidence, before leaving the bank the Representative told me that going forward I should use Paypal. I do have an account and have only used it for purchases not receiving payment. So I think ok I will look in to and master that. Not that I have sales all the time or ever for that matter. I digress. Anyway I get home and do some errands and then get home to an email for paypal saying that someone has unsuccessfully tried to login repeatedly and because of this they have turned off my account and I should download this form and then follow it for my new account info to set up paypal again. Got it.

I'm getting a little worked up at this point thinking what the fuck is going on here? So I replied to the email asking about these attempts and can they inform me? Very soon the email came back undeliverable. So I went to paypals site and found a phone number and finally got a rep that told me that it was absolutely a scam as paypal would start the email with, Dear Mr. Perry and they would call me. That I found hard to believe but what ever. Anyway, now I am totally freaked out and shaky nervous. Oh and did I mention PISSED OFF WANTING BLOOD.

I spoke with John and my Sister and I'm calm but really need to rethink everything online. I do not feel safe at all. I do not feel as though I am careful enough when before I thought I was the most cautious person. After my first scam attempt two years ago I thought what are the chances of someone trying again? Well I guess I now know. Maybe I have to start over and get all new everything. I really feel so violated and nervous. I who have nothing really has the risk of my meager whatever being scammed away from me.

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