Thursday, May 13, 2010

The gig is up.

I stared into the heart of an artichoke. It was a very interesting experience, I could never have imagined what was going on in there. Wow. They are so dimensional, it looked like it was spiraling down, that is all. Maybe they were laced with some hallucinogenic, those artichokes from California.

Hello. So I ended the scam with an email. As follows.

I have had a change of heart. I will return the check to the address in Spokane.
This marks the final email transaction.

Short, direct, done. It is kind of weird when forced to behave in a way that is foreign to my nature which is confrontational...OK? Anyway. With that said I can hold my own against some asshole on the computer screen, coward. Regrettably I have a shorter fuse with age, I want to be a patient person. I want peace, no screaming. Not that I scream, no I just implode. Just kidding not really. I now have a huge full length mirror in my studio that I found on the street 40-1/2" x86" so everything is different. I never want to leave. I hear laughter down on 7th Ave. NY is not easy for me lately but I still love it. It really is full time. I'm heading out to the country tomorrow which will be good. I've kept busy in the city stretching ten 18"x18" paintings in the style of the paintings that I am showing. May 21st - 23rd.

So back to the scam.....Yes and annoying really but Have to let it go. Bad energy. I decided last night that I would have good energy as the result of this email scam that I was mixed up in. Didn't really live up to it with the disappointment of my brochures looking black and white, well, grey actually.

I am letting it go. The paintings will have a good showing and in person you can see the color. I suspect the gallery has decent lighting which is key. Not to dwell but it is worth mentioning that the two scams that have found me were good sales of paintings one would have been 5K and the other 3K. It is a crazy world, where you can rob someone blind from miles away. I know I sound kind of nuts, period.

Being an artist who is finding sales near impossible is not an easy thing to be.

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