Saturday, March 13, 2010

today is my reception in Red Hook, Brooklyn

Hello. And it is raining like it can only do along the coast. Which means rotten, windy horizontal rain. Thanks God. I'm not bitter.

Anyway, my Sister and Her Husband are here celebrating their anniversary and my show with a couple of nights in NYC. Poor them. They are troopers though so they don't mind the weather. I on the other hand take it totally personally. Ok so I don't mean this absolutely but I am a bit annoyed as it ruins what I planned on wearing. Do not laugh. It is very serious. It's not like I am talking about some expensive something or other that I bought but even a pair of jeans feel different when comparing sun to rain. Ok I've rambled long enough.

I am going to buck up and pretend that it is all fine. I have Liberty on my side. The Statue of Liberty that is off to the right of the gallery space. Later.

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