Monday, March 15, 2010

I miss my blog, facebook has made me a traitor.

I meet these painters that I really like, these are their sites and they are really worth checking out.

And then there is my friend David Gordon and His newly released book,

OK vulgarity alert. You have been warned. Mom. Like she reads me. Right. My mother is an amazing woman at eighty and I love her so much. I tell her all the time but those words carry a lot of weight and as easy as they are to say they mean so much.

Hello. I am back and off the bitter bus. It has been a busy day, raining surprise surprise. But I am not complaining as I am out in the country and in my studio very soon and free to work all night if I choose. Although tennis is on, from Palm Beach, I never remember the tournament oh well I never said I was brilliant. Just fucking gifted. Warned ya.

So I just submitted tow online submissions to show that I will not get into but I did it and there you go. I'm acting as if as they say in the rooms. OK I'm not in the rooms so I should not use there slogans but, pardon me I've done my time and paid my dues. Thank you very much. She is crazy tonight.

Wow I am out in the country as I said and it is really quiet except for the wind and rain but I just heard a distant car horn. Yes there are people out there and I am a part of it all. ALL.

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