Saturday, March 27, 2010

In the studio, hoping to find my way.

Hello. So I am here and will post some new images later of works that I am submitting to an arts publication. Check out this site if you are an artist and want to submit work.

If I chose to admit it I would say that I have lost it, but I can't say that so soon or so late in the game. I mean it's a little late to think I can't paint or that I have nothing to say. It is just like a tic? Some people's face twitches I must make a painting. Ok that is stupid but it has worked I am looking at the painting differently less critical. I have let my coffee get cold yet again. This is much more gratifying than facebook that dreaded site. Not that I have one but fb does not really allow you to have a train of thought.

I can go to fb and post something brief and then move to my blog and if I think it is worth while I can direct readers to follow my blog. Followers!? That's hysterical.

This guy that helps us around the house who will go unnamed to protect his privacy left the stain can uncovered when I called him for lunch. Think about it a half hour later I discover that he dropped everything for lunch, not even covering a very toxic container of stain. I don't know what to say other than I could kill him, and I don't think he will not do that again. Now my coffee is really cold. Don't worry about the worker He is fine. John and I have a fucking headache but He seems to be fine. I use oil paint and mediums btw, this is really smelly. Ok I am letting it go. Later. I have bigger fish to fry with my huge overworked, that need to be taken back paintings.

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