Friday, February 26, 2010

this minute the snow has stopped

Hello. My plans to stay in the city and install my painting have changed due to the weather. It is a good decision when I think about how wet I will be by the time I get to Red Hook. I will do it on Monday. I did receive some postcards for the show so that was nice. And I am featured on their site with the other artists. My painting is sideways which was upsetting but when you click on it it corrects itself. Who needs perfection. I am also featured on the site which is all new and really beautiful. I did send in some corrections that are minor but important. The opening paragraph was painful and I must have written it very quickly and sen tit off. As a matter of fact I know I did. So I will be happy when that is revised.

So I am heading out to EH with John and that is good as I do not want him to drive alone in this mess. Today feels like a very slow day. I have never felt so useless oh I am sure that is not true but anyway I do feel like I am accomplishing nothing. I am cleaning up my person that is some grooming is in order all the time.

I am excited about getting back to the studio for a couple of days without interruptions other than meals.

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