Sunday, February 7, 2010

The managing of time, that is the challenge

Hello. Yes that is my dilemma which is certainly not new. I am just facing the reality of my feelings which are about not creating enough. Recently I have been thinking about how my process is so different and has been changing of course over my life but now I am painting oil on canvas pretty exclusively and I guess I am just missing the other things that I could be creating. Small works on paper of any kind. Drawings. Journals. I guess blogging put journalling (not a word according to abc but I think a good one) in the traditional way, out of business.

This is a detail from a larger painting called WET LANDSCAPE, 2009, oil on canvas, 86"x86"

I have just prepared and submitted my most professional folder of work. Ten images all labeled properly and consistently with a PAINTING LIST and a Bio. I did change the bio though starting it with my new approach to painting. Or some such BS. I'm working at taking away my self-imposed adult content warning because even though it's just a lot of cussing it is vulgar to some and I am not trying to offend. That's a laugh. There are some out there that I (seldom think to use bold) am so offended by it makes me sick, Sarah Palin. From the core of her being.

I get so mad when something as important as taking care of this country, becomes a goal for the likes of this inexperienced person with a taste for power and enough guts to bluff some. I really can't stand that she is part of the conversation and only hope that her downfall will happen sooner than later because it must be inevitable. Fearfully the only thing that I feel sure of is that anything can happen with the voter of this nation and McCain proves that. But then I remember President Obama and I feel better. I do I do I do believe.

The Cowardly Lion from TWoOz

By the way I do accept that I have a potty mouth, always have since I learned the way and probably not changing.

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