Tuesday, February 2, 2010

in my apartment in the city where it is cold and grey

Hello. It feels nice to be in the city although I want to do so many things in my apartment and I am experiencing the nausea in my head again so what I can do is limited. I am going to try to eat something and then get back to this post.

I am very pleased with the site that the above link will take you to. I can't wait to upload more work.

So I am cleaning my apartment I just showed it to someone and she liked it as did the last two couples that saw it. We shall see. I am sipping my first cup of coffee made in my apartment in three months. It is delicious. Think I am heading aback to EH tomorrow as I am not set up to paint in the city. Well let's say that I do not want to make any kind of a mess when I am planning on subletting it. Does not really make sense.

Last night I joined John at the Tennis club on Roosevelt Island (first time on Roosevelt Island it is amazing, like a different world over there) We played Cardio Tennis with this Pro named Barbara. She is great as is the class. Right up my competitive, compulsive alley. It is non-stop movement. There was one guy who I seemed to be up against in all the rallies. He kept hitting forehands that would land in the same spot ( you would think after a couple I might be hip to his tricks and get my ass in the right spot, it took me a while) and I would have to dive for them, mostly missing but not always. Anyway, John and I were partners, He was at the net where He is great and I was at the left baseline. I think that is the terminology, anyway He hit this ball passed John all the way to the right I managed to get behind enough to return the ball to applause. Okay a little cheering but it was an amazing shot for anyone let alone me. At fifty mind you I hauled ass to give it back to this guy. Did wonders for my ego. The fact that I made contact with the ball amazed me that it went over and in well I am thrilled. Still.

I met my neighbor John (Lypsinka) Epperson today and we had a nice chat about the building. He told me that He is not really using His site anymore but facebook and said I should be doing the same. Well coincidentally I have been giving it a try and I will continue. Who knows, I don't want to wake up and regret having ignored this stupid phenomenon. I mean wonderful networking tool.

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