Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm in as far as I know

Or should I say my painting is in. Hello. I was accepted to my first juried show. If you are an artist you may know what I mean by saying it's a bloody miracle. I almost didn't enter this one, like many in the past because I've never been accepted.

John encouraged me to go ahead with it and on the last day for submissions with email there is no reason not to. Anyway they accepted my large submission. "Golden Imagined Landscape" the detail at the top of the blog is a detail from the painting. It's pretty scary and I am nervous as hell and there it is. But very excited about showing a large-ass painting with a bunch of other artists. I think One hundred and forty something? That could make me nuts if I think about it. It's a big job to install this monster that is not exciting at all as I have to do it totally. That should be as no surprise to me really it isn't I just assume that I will have to install my work. I've got to get someone over there to see it. This means war. I have to go back and look at the organization and the curator's to see what it is all about. Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition is the group. http://www.bwac.org/home.html I have a lot to do right??? Aren't you thrilled that I feel the need to write about it. If you continue I actually talk about painting.

I connected with a Swedish friend a truly lovely woman who offered to arrange the stretching of the painting that I just shipped to Sweden. Isn't that wonderful? She did recommend a very good man for the job which I new she would know. She works for the big Auction House in Sweden, Bukowski's. She has very kindly given me many large, beautiful catalogs from the auction house. I am hoping to use this guy as I will feel confident that He gets it write.

I really like the painting on this post. It has a twin called "The Ship" Maybe I'll rename it "The Great Ship" This one is called "Approaching the Harbor" They were absolutely a bit groundbreaking for me. I stress for me. To make something that did not evolve from a photo but from my head and feeling like it had some narration when it came from abstract thinking.

I guess it is all about feeling. These two paintings evoke many feelings for me. For some reason I felt very strong connections to great painters of the past when I started this group of work. Thinking of large sweeping landscapes scaled down in all ways. Knowing that my application was going to be quick, detail is avoided, well what is traditionally thought of as detail. I've found that an intentional bit of color can become something solid that gives a feeling of something.

I guess I've switched one way of working, that is photography with thinking about great art for my inspiration. Dead or living I get inspiration to be able to paint the way I do and to paint within my limitations. As best as I am able to.

As well as I am able to paint there was a time when I would question my painting as naive but
not in a good way, bad. This is harsh and not the way I felt 90% of the time at all but there was that nagging voice telling me that I was crap. Now I do see and hear that voice for what it is. I love the way I paint I feel like I paint like a lucky twenty year old. Do I sound like a self help meeting? Boring. Okay goodnight.
That last paragraph was really painful but tonight I can't edit. Shucks. I mean shit.

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