Friday, November 20, 2009

almost a week with my site down :(((

Hello, No exaggeration I feel lost without my site up there is some technical, what else , problem that I am hopefully getting help with tomorrow. My last site update pissed someone or something off and zap gone. I've discovered that if you google Sydney, lovely Sydney Butchkes the fourth hit brings you to my site so I don't get why. I guess this google page is somehow saved although you can search around my site just not the new page. Maybe that's a sign. Anyway, just %&$%&*()# annoying for me.

Isn't it typical too, My site probably goes a long time without hits and now that it is down I got a call from a lovely woman who purchased two large paintings from me last summer as a result of the studio tour in EH. She said she went to my site as she and Her husband are thinking of one of my Birch paintings. All will be well, luckily email and the phone work. Things are looking up.

I am keeping busy with two stores, getting things together for the holidays and hanging new work galore.

The SPIDER saga continues with no change. Momma missing, large spider hanging by same leg trying not to struggle and the nest suspended in mid-web air. mid-air web style. If these two spiders were put side-by-side and I had to pick the winner. I think I would go with the little lady. As we are discovering she is no lady. One of the larger spiders legs is as big as the mother spider. Where is she? I've looked all around. She must be hiding watching the whole scene. I've taken some photos which I will try to post. In the photo on the left the oval spot upper left is the nests shadow and the monster lower right is actually more than an inch long. I do feel for him though, I say him because it attacked and it seems with my vast knowledge of spiders that the males go hunting and the females just wait in there web for the unexpected fool. I guess I could be wrong. It does look and act like one kind of man.

I do feel bad as it has hung on for so long, I could change the course of history, I feel I can not there is to much at stake, or in the case of the spiders, steak...I guess tar-tar would be more accurate. In the words of Mrs. Lovitt from Sweeney Todd, "Poor thing, Poor thing" How gay is that? Let's just say it superior.

For the record, this is my story. A skilled writer could do a better job. If you are interested call me. If you steal my Spider story I will hunt you down. Just kidding, don't know what came over me:)(: guess maybe the theatrical side of me. In my younger days I was called "theatrical" as a code for gay by a woman who was showing an apartment on the floor that I lived in on the Upper West Side. The guy moved and we became good friends and He told me soon after. I guess it could be taken as a compliment. I thought even then that I was a painter but anyway. I wish. Move over Sondheim.

In the mid-nineties I went to the wedding of the son of Hal Prince the legendary producer and rode up in the elevator with Sondheim, Niclas and another couple. At the time A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum was revived and she complimented Him on the show. He was polite of course but clearly He didn't seem as happy with the show. He was adorable and so sweet. How lucky to have seen. Liza was also a guest in black lace looking so incredibly chic. We were not sitting at the same table. BTW.


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  1. I'm impressed with the whole spider story. I think it is great the way you interact with nature and appreciate all of it's creatures.
    I still think you should see Arachnophobia!