Friday, October 16, 2009

dinner and blogging

Hello. Something pretty nice happened to me today. A woman form AP came by this morning to talk about The High Line Open Studio tour, what it means to artists individually and as a community in Chelsea. It is an interesting topic as these tours can potentially bring artists together, maybe assist them in some sales and see that the community is smaller than it can seem. It is great for the public as well as they can see where artists work and, if they are shopping, get a good deal on some art.

While hanging out and waiting for visitors I am prepping dinner and at the crack of nine will be ready to put it together. Then I'll bring dinner over to John's. Yes I'm nice and He is not feeling well so I am happy to. I'm hooked on this sausage and garlic orecchiette with broccoli and some walnuts.

Just had a good friend visit and she really likes the direction of the new work and that is good to hear.

Ruth Reichl said on the radio the other day that dinner should take no time at all. I love that attitude and totally agree more and more. It seems with age I can throw a dinner together pretty quickly, basic cooking of course. my favorite kind.


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