Friday, September 25, 2009

studio evolving

Hello. This is a photo that was copied onto cnavas by this guy that is in the show that I am in at LTV Station. It is a horrible idea in theory, to me anyway. This guy makes it work. First of all they are wrapped around stretcher bars like paintings and the image continues around the stretcher bar so they have an object quality. They look like cheezy hyper-realist paintings in a GREAT way. I know this would offend this photographer but He will not be reading this so I will not stress. His prices are reasonable and I would love one. Maybe He would be interested in a trade. This image soed no justice to the original, they are really amazing. The more I think of them the more I would love all of them. CRAZY.

I am making a new surface to work on in the studio and realizing that I need one more which will be five 96"x96" work spaces. Ok maybe it is excessive but What the hell it's only plywood and $125.00 delivered. I have to think of the big picture which is this will allow me to work more and have more prepped spaces which may make for more continuity. I think it is the right way to go. This new one I made with MDF and that shit is heavy. I can't even estimate what the weight is but if it fell on me and I was alone finding me would not be a pretty sight. So this time I am waiting for John's assistance instead of plowing ahead doing it and scaring the shit out of myself.

I have some help with PR regarding The High Line Studio Tour. The person that has assisted us with the stores is doing some work for me and hse is amazing. She is talkng about getting me interviewed. I should be horrified but I've been to the rodeo and it will be what it will be.

Speaking of which I am listening to Paton Miller on the radio. He is a painter out here and it is a program aobut what music differnet artists listen to. I hate this guys taste in music already. This selection is "It's a Hard Knock Life" from "Annie" the rap ewrsion with the kids whining the chorus. Really irritating. Anyway, back to Paton, really at home on the radio, I have to check out his work after listening to him.

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