Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hello. These photos are special for today. The left is of my Dad, we lost this past December 20th. Peter J. Perry 1925 - 2008. Rest in peace Daddy. I made my first show in NY a tribute to him. The middle is a favorite photo of mine of my Mother and me from 1985. I came out to her at seventeen and she showed no disappointment then or ever since. Unfortunately all gay people don't experience my mothers love and support at this crucial turning point in their lives when acceptance and love is all they need. Don't get me started because I am not so forgiving of people with narrow minds. When I think of young homeless gay people, kids mind you that have been thrown out of their family's house to fend for their-selves. I want to cry with anger. I think those parents should be charged with a crime against humanity. How's that, I am my mother's son. Without her I would not be who I am today on many levels. She is as liberal a democrat as I've ever encountered sometimes a little scary so. Anyway and the last photo of wild birch trees out in East Hampton was a big influence for the show.

Here we are a month later and today is the bittersweet day that I take my show down. It has been an amazing month for me. Things seldom run just the way you plan sometimes better sometimes not. I have not complaints really. I have high hopes of getting the right people in but it may just have been out of my power. It was seen by many people and I received some very nice words. I hope things come from it but that is out of my hands, well not totally but a little.

Anyway, the experience was great for me. Just the fact that I summoned the courage to put my shit out there on the walls in NYC where the most cruel as well as thoughtful eyes could see and judge. That is an amazing step for me. I guess I do at last love my work, believe in it and have high hopes for the future. This may seem hokey, pathetic you decide, for me it is huge.

Phillipe Petite, "Man on Wire", Can't wait to see it.

Have a great day.

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