Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

Hello. Today was a great day. I did not get the supplies that I needed as the stores that I have checked Utrecht, Pearl Paint and the Grand Street Art Supply store were out. Other than that the day was good. I worked on this large painting that may be in the show if things go my way. Presently they are not and I see this and accept it. I really want it to be good so I have to persevere. Of course if it is not right, just big than it goes nowhere. Kind of sad but that is the way it is. Newsflash, the painting is better at the end of the night.

The image on this post is a detail of the other large painting that will be in the show. It is a monstrous 84"x84" oil on canvas landscape. The idea to make a large painting is seldom accompanied by the thought, Can I sell this? Is what you are saying something that could be said on a smaller scale? The skepticism returns from time to time during the creation. Anyway no big deal as they say.

Oh my God, George Bush is giving his final speech whatever it is called, Farewell Speech Stupid. Good Fucking Bye I say. You should go to prison. It is unbelievable after listening to Cheney today on Jim Lehrer's show. He would accept no blame for all the things that have turned out to be deadly disasters and the ruination of the family, how's that? Get ready if I could quote a fabulous, famous performer from New York City by way of Arizona, "Get ready cause I'm going in on the shit. I've had it." From the war to the financial nightmare today. It is all their fault. Later. Everyone. You're beautiful.

Hey Goodnight.

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