Monday, January 19, 2009

In memory of Martin Luther King Jr. 1-19-09

Hello. For some reason I could not rotate this image. Imagine it rotated once to the right. Anyway it is 20" dia. oil on canvas. It is a close-up of birch trunks which is what I am thinking will be the title. "4 Birch Trunks" It is a pale washed out image the painting is a bit deeper richer.

I painted late last night and I'm feeling it today. I really persevered and kept going even though I had little energy and less motivation. Anyway, it got better and I think I did some decent work.

I am winding down with my painting schedule leading up to my show. I figure I have five days left to paint allowing for drying time. I wonder what it is like to have the show painted and think about other things at this point. I don't think that will ever be me, I feel like I'll be working right up till the deadline always.

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