Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hello. I have been away form my blog for a bit over a week I wish I could say lounging in the sun but alas no. My Dad is in hospice care as of this morning and it is where He needs to be. Last week Sunday the 7th I went to sleep and did not sleep at all. Monday morning I realized that my right shoulder and arm was frozen and in pretty severe pain. I had been living with a minor degree of discomfort from exercise for quite some time.

Anyway, I get up at 7 am and go to Doc's 23rd st. they send me to Doc's 34th st and then I am sent to get a stand-up MRI. All of this was done by 12:00 noon Monday. Let me back up I was leaving for Providence on Monday morning to see my Dad who had taken a turn for the worse. So whiel at the Doctor's needless to say I was emotional and I feel because of that got a lot of sympathy and things were moved along quickly.

So the MRI came back Bursitis and nothing could be done Monday except vicadon which I did not take enough of in retrospect. The pain was constant and like nothing I could have imagined. I called my acupuncturist and He saw me that next day Tuesday the 8th He almost immediately diagnosed a neck problem and gave me moxa and other treatments which initially caused me discomfort and pain in other areas but I expected to feel pain before his treatment took effect.

I wanted to stick with Him because I believe in Him but I neede immediate relief so I could get to my Dad. So Wednesday am I went for a steriod shot and slmost immediatley felt relief. I will have ahd my third re-had session today and things are moving along. I have almost total movement of my arm and shoulder. I say almost because I still have work to do and I gather will have to take special care of this shoulder for life. This is what happens when one has poor form when exercising. Regarding most thing my form is good but I have been foolish when using wieghts working the shoulders. Anyway.

So here we are and I have my show in February and so much to do. this is one of those times when i really have to believe that I will be taken care of. I will do what needs to be done and hoep for the best. The good news is that this one large painting that I hoped would be in the show is really coming along. I think it will be striking and moving and all that good stuff. The feelings that have come up with my Dad's slow demise I have been able to channel into the work and there is no denying the emotion.


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