Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This photo was taken at Accabonac Beach, Harbor? Anyway back in Fall 2006 with John. To the right in the photo is where Jackson and His wife whose name I am drawing a blank.....I never saw the mosaic mural she made over in the East Fifties ?? somewhere always wanted to. It looked beautiful in reproduction. Still can not think of her name almost there so close. Wow how pathetic. I am so lazy, could go look, google, Lee Krasner, may she rest in peace for sacrificing her career for His. He had too much and she too little. I need to get too work. To, Too. Barely got by in English - I think the teachers were speaking a different language. Well let's say I was not hearing anything. Therapists can be amazing not that I have ever been in therapy before. Another indirect reference, oy. No.
By-the-way, I googled Jackson Pollack's wife's name and in fifteen seconds maybe less was back to my blog. This is an amazing thing we've got here, the Internets.

Wow. Can we talk here. The Obama's. They are truly just what I have wanted in my life. I wish I would never hear the pundits of Television. I don't have it in my apartment it is out at the house and in John's apt. so I feel I see it all the time. It can be addictive. I listen to the radio and NPR is above a lot of it, not all, but definitely a better news source. And there is everything else that comes with radio. I love radio. I have close friends, a beautiful Swedish family. The Mother was on German radio for many years. A cultural program, I believe, German Literature. Discussing, reviewing, interviewing. It would be great to know someone well and be able to listen to them discuss something creative. Understanding the language would be key in this situation. Alas, back to my lacking education. Luckily I do not have to write a proper sentence to paint.

By-the-way, looked up pundits - a learned person; authority. Hmm. Some of them certainly have the ego's that it would take to being thought of as an authority.

Hello. Wow. I am back in my apartment and spending some time with myself. I am gradually getting back to some painting which I need to do. I need to get the energy, momentum up to get back to a large painting. It is 9:55 and at least I've had some successful tech support so I can get ton the Internet. At the risk of sounding melodramatic Life is kind of over after a few hours of downed Internet. I'll speak for myself. Anyway. It is very cold in NYC as everywhere else on the Eastern Seaboard capital S?

My new MacBook does not have a delete key unless it is hiding from me. Seems odd I must say - must be a combination of keys which is not so clever thank you. I was just thinking about my life and how lucky I am to be able to spend some time with my family. Not my brother which is to bad. We have to do something about that as it is just the two of us and my two sisters. Wow the things I don't think of - or should I say I look at a situation one way and have never thought of the fact that there were four of us boys and the other two are out of my family's life. Things happen in life how sad for them. Life is full and short and beautiful. These last words were the end of a sentence and I like the line so much that I left it for you, probably makes about as much sense as I do. I don't think that I am that limited or negative in my thinking, anyway here goes......don't think of other observations.

How F*(&_^g crazy negative is that? I am a cock-eyed optimist. Hey go to Youtube, search MadTV, An alternate ending to "The Wizard of Oz" Nicole Parker as Judy is genius, a little to angry but always funny. May She rest in Peace. Listen I'm Forty-nine so I worship these Goddesses. I do believe they are the Goddesses of our time. It would be sad if recordings and the means to play them disappeared.

Sending one out to the young people of today. That's all.

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