Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Thursday Sept. 11, 2008 NYC

I was checking out artist sites last night and I found this one site http://www.conorfoy.com This guy is a brilliant painter who lives in Brooklyn, NY. I was really moved by his landscapes. If I didn't like them os much I would hate the guy he is that good. Anyway it was a great find as it is hard to find great work - his accross the board was beautiful. I wished I'd painted everyone of them. That is my pick for the day. It woudl be great to be able to open each post with a new artist site discovery. It would get me off the political bitter bus. Well on that topic.........

Love that segway...Good Morning. I am trying so hard to think about painting and the creative process but when I see the news and I'm reminded of how relentless the GOP can be I am distracted.

Keith Olberman is the best man on television today. There is no one who cares more and who tells it like it is. My mother is a religious watcher of Keith andwhen I am home I tune in with her. His tribute to 9/11 was an amazing thing to watch.

This morning watching the news and the mud slinging by the GOP there was a segment on rude or sexist comments form the recent past form both parties.

Obama called a journalist Sweetie. Realizing his mistake he called the woman and apologized saying he slips and calls many people sweetie - just on of those endearing things many of us do. He was not making excuses in his apology he admitted that it was not apropriate. Anyway, this pales in comparrison to John McCain's swet little joke form the not-so-recent-past:
McCain Q: Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?
McCain A: Jane Reno is her father.

Excuse me but that is the nastiest thing I have heard in a long time and it should have ended any hope this nut had for the highest office in the land. And then there was the time with his darling wife by his side, rather behind him, in a jean shirt smiling as he said, and iIam paraphrasing here Cindy will give these women a run for their money in a bare breasted contest. I wish I could quote him but you get the picture. Just a rude old f&*($#g man.

My mother worries that I should not say such things because they will come after me. I f(*#$%g welcome the a>?)(*^s.

Time to sign off and get some nourishment. I hope you all have a great day on this special, sad day in our history.

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