Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My effort to be positive.

This graphic is the announcement for a group show I am in, the painting below is the work.

I usually  begin my posts with the greeting Hello. The following in italics is an update to the post below. Now that we have that established. It is beginning to rain which is what we need as it is spring and things are growing and it's been pretty dry. Fire igniting dry - not good.

I was exercising outside today watching a couple of hawks or falcons not sure which but clearly hunting. I guess that is all they do. I wonder do they fly around just to fly or do they conserve energy and fly to hunt? Their only predator here would be man and his gun during hunting season anyway it was a beautiful sight. They have white under their wings I think they are Peregrine Falcons. They sure have that flying thing down. What's great is seeing a few smaller birds chasing them away from their nests. This is the time when they get easy food I guess with all the eggs hatching. Terrible. Nature can be like a horror movie, gruesome. 

I am at the store for a couple of hours and then in the studio for a bit tonight, continuing all day Thursday, Friday and some of Sat. and Sunday...lucky me. I've sent a couple of mailings through Constant Contact and getting some results. One response said they would consider me for a group show. Progress - now I need to continue the newsletters to let them know I'm not kidding. I owe this to John. He has been encouraging me to start this for a long time and I resisted.....why? I don't know. Fear? Feeling hopeless? All of the right. It really is immobilizing. 

I have to contact someone about a studio visit. She said she would call me but it seems a little overdue so I think I need to make a move. 

Regarding the mailing that I sent yesterday I received a response from one person today simply saying REMOVE so I responded "okay" I then googled the guy to discover He is wanted for fraud. There is a site with a post about this guy and his dirty business. Then a followup from him defending himself. What a world - that will teach me to look a little further into whom I send letters. One negative is not a bad average. I've been told No certainly but never in such a nasty way. I'm smiling now knowing that no one wants to sue me over bad business dealings.

Hello. Yes that is my challenge. I've been in a bit of a funk which is nothing new, sometimes a nice chunk of time goes by without the mood swings but yesterday was a bad one. So today I feel better I awoke early and got to the studio for an hour then exercised for about an hour before coming to the store. This was a better way to start the day for sure.

Continuing with my cutting sugar routine things are good I've certainly had some but not the norm and that is a positive change. I've said no on occasion which is a miracle and that is no exaggeration. Sugar has been consumed in large quantities most of my life so to think about going without is a huge. That alone encourages better eating habits so I am expecting to feel great in time. Both mentally and physically. Every little bit helps. 

On  different note I must say, hearing the garbage coming out of Ted Nugent does not help much. I don't even like having his name polluting my blog but there is no other way. He is a terrible person that is all. 

Regarding the studio it is never easy and I can often forget but then reminded. It seems and I have said this before that it always feels like it is new and uncharted. I've used the phrase "it feels like I'm reinventing the wheel" which sounded right but as it turns out that is not the correct use of that phrase. Well I never claimed to be a rocket scientist. Anyway yes it feels like uncharted territory quite a lot. This is good in many ways but when floundering around with things it's not the most reassuring feeling. More on this later. Why is it so easy to forget the positive and remember the negative?  Why? Maybe I need my first tattoo something that I will see all the time to remind me. I don't and never have wanted one but there must be some way to look up instead of down.

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