Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The weather is springlike...so get happy?!

Hello. Truly amazing weather we are having. So yesterday I did install the painting see attached and it went well. I had the help of the guy "Dan" who does some work for the Lady of the house and He was amazing. I tried to give him a little money but he would not take it. How do you respond in that situation when someone adamantly refuses to take a gesture of gratitude. After a couple of offers I just let it go. It wasn't going to be much just a gesture of thanks. Anyway there is a lesson to be learned, if someone offers something, take it. The painting ended up being 94"x88" which is f'n big. There is a balcony above left and back from this image and I regret that I didn't take the photo from there as it really gave the scale of the room. I think there was a additional twelve feet over the painting. Dan helped hold the painting while I was on the ladder and helped me rotate it while stapling so a huge help. In the past I did it all myself so an extra set of hands with something that size is nice. Of course we had drops everywhere and all is going smoothly then the owner comes with the designer and minutes later the canvas pliers go crashing to the floor. Luckily no mark was made and everything was fine. She may be buying a horizontal group for a bedroom which is also very nice.

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