Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fog is rolling in where I am.

Hello.  The fog is rolling in and it is beautiful although grey and gloomy. I am trying to be optimistic and post positive things but is seems I find it very easy to go to the dark side. You would think I'd be used to it already.

An odd thing happened to me earlier today. While looking at some sights to maybe do some local online advertisement I suddenly get a call from someone from adsup.com telling me that they saw that I was looking at certain sights and would they like to discuss their company. Well I was a bit surprised that he would think that I would be non-pulsed by him seeing what I had been doing so I wasn't in fact non-pulsed I was shocked and a bit annoyed. When I said I wasn't interested He hung up on me. On top of it all he was rude. Time to clean up my cookies something I hate doing.

An Arkansas nine yr. old fatally shot her seven year old brother while the parents were out signing a lease agreement. they left the kids alone and locked the house only to return to this horrific event. Is it their fault? I think absolutely Yes.  This horrific story was a headline that I caught a while ago and I can not believe that people to this day argue for the right to have a gun. It is so unfair that adults make these poor decisions that children have to live with. Is no one in charge?  This little girl should not be blamed for her parents bad judgement she will have to live with what she has done for the rest of her life as it is. As if life hasn't been challenging enough as she is high functioning autistic now she will have to live with the memory of ending a life. I did not read the whole story but what else is there to know.

I hope to go in the studio tonight after work. Last night was a bust just no energy to speak of maybe tonight will be different.

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