Thursday, December 1, 2011

December came in with a chill

Hello. So it is officially Winter. We have been amazingly fortunate regarding weather but alas it was very cold today and most likely here for a while.  

I had an amazing studio visit yesterday with an Art Rep and her colleague. They both responded well to my large scale Abstract Landscapes. The representational work was not supposed to be part of the presentation but they did view quite a bit and responded positively as well. The Roses also moved them which they did not expect after seeing them on my site. The scale of the Roses is what they found appealing. That is a common reaction to that work. They were unanimous that I should continue with the large abstract work. It felt great hearing such strong feedback. I am being practical and making small work but I now feel justified in making large work as well. 

I will start posting some new work on the blog, it has been a while. I also took sometime today to clean up my laptop, organizing and deleting files. It was cluttered with so much repetition. There is still more organizing but much better.

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