Tuesday, November 1, 2011

thinking about scale.

Hello. I am just about finished with a new Grass painting and this kind of work is very labor intensive for an artist that just wants to move on. I really am just about finished but it is just in time because I'm so weary of it. After a while I don't see what I'm looking at but that could also be well...what's the point of going there.

So I am getting ready to move on thinking about the process and seeing that the only way to make a large body of work is to keep it simple, of course go where it leads me but think abstractly for a while. It is much more fun on some levels and requires me anyway to let go, think of color and how fast I can get the paint on the canvas.

On another note I am so tired of feeling like I have to censor myself. I run the risk of offending but when talking about Separation of Church and State I must be firm.  I posted a link to a story on fb about this guy wanting to make the USA motto In God We Trust. I was made aware that the country already has a motto E Pluribus Unum, Which translates, "Out of Many, One" This thought is beautiful and offensive to none. I can't believe the distractions people are capable of when the country has such incredible problems. It all reeks of racism in my eyes, racism in the name of religion.

So back to work and feeling like a guardian of my artistic child. I've realized that I have to treat my inner child with kid gloves because there are those out there that don't think. Period. It is not their job to take care of me but a little thoughtfulness goes a long way. Then there is John who does think of my well being and I see how lucky and loved I am.

I don't mean to sound like a whiner anyone who knows me knows that is not me. We all need to be treated gently. This world is made harsh by mankind and any and everyone is at risk of feeling hurt. We have to take care of each other I guess.

I'm going to get back to painting.

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