Monday, August 8, 2011

I do not have a much of a presence on the Internet.

Hello. I realize this with much regret. I also realize I must update my site which has links that go no my surprise well not really I guess. When I finally sit to write something I feel I should be doing something else but the body is telling me no.

A lot has been happening, last week I had five pieces and sold two at this event called The 65th Annual Clothesline Show at Guild Hall in EH, benefiting Guild Hall. Also in the midst of preparing for the Affordable Art Fair again this September. Last year was a bust this year will hopefully bring pleasant surprises. I think the work is salable, so I'm told by more than one and there will be canvases sized for every wallet hopefully a lot of it. I sound like a machine what I want to be right now. Tomorrow night starts my time in the studio for a few consecutive days..just in time. James Kennedy and Bob Bachler of Surface Library Gallery asked me to join their booth at the fair.  and I will be showing with Barbara Groot an East End painter at the Fair.

I needed a break I guess that's what they say. I don't really ever want a break I'd like to work full-time like a worker rat in the studio. It's fun being below ground in a space that I feel so lucky to have...I've out-grown it. That is of course nonsense selling work is the way to keep the studio orderly, making more room for new work. Moving the shit around quite literally all the time.

I have a new and final (for a while) large painting to make and then it is smaller work. Thirty-six by thirty-six the largest even 40"x40" seems large. The new one which will be around 86"x86" is a copy of one that I may have sold. I have to prepare as it is one of my favorite paintings and I think my best so I need to have another version and then some smaller versions. The perfect painting for me to attempt to copy. It's all patches of color that work well with a lot of white ground. I call it Pacific Coast from 2010, an abstract landscape. Everyone responds with admiration for this painting so I think making it smaller will satisfy many things. I will not really have to part with it so soon and I might make some good work. So many beautiful colors to match and create a space with. At the end of the day it's all work some is just a little more unusual and interesting.

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