Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday January 18, 2011

Hello. So today is the first day of the rest of my life. They are very profound words. There are days when I would respond f you but I am sincerely trying to feel better and act more in keeping with my situation or reality which is pretty great. Again acting as if.

Yesterday I watched a young buck with a beautiful set of antlers eating some of the apples I left out. He saw me and froze as is their natural behavior and then when I looked away gone like a shot. I felt bad that I scared him away but sure enough He came back in the early evening. Who said they are stupid. I am happy they are careful as we have hunters out here and wether or not it is the season I think there are those that would take an animal if they could get away with it. Let's not go there shall we.

Anyway in that moment I am experiencing pure bliss. They are such amazing creatures and I feel so lucky to have them in my life. It is freezing ice weather so the apples are frozen and yesterday morning John and in awoke to gulls in the sky which was really pretty till we discovered they were trying to eat my apple offerings. Feeding the wildlife is one thing but I do not want the yard to look like a landfill with gulls circling. I have to figure that one out. Of course they are beautiful as well but they mess everywhere and unlike deer it is not as beneficial to the grass. OK rambling about nothing.

Back on point, I am feeling gratitude for some great things in my life. The ability to have the internet at my fingertips to check in with people and to find some potentially great art sites to share. Because of my nature to go to the dark side I have to remember to think of the positive things in my day to day life. I also have to try to remember this throughout the day. Especially a day like today which is dark, rainy, cold and miserable.

I feel strong, my head is clear, I am about to begin some new work in the studio which if the past proves can be more youthful than ever. I've plans to organize the studio to make for more work space and better storage.

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