Sunday, November 7, 2010

In the studio for the night.

Hello. Yes I am in the studio, last night I had a breakthrough with a painting that needed to go further. It was a little scary at one point when I thought I was a fraud and panicked. I got my shit together, made the next right move and brought the painting to life and its good. I always forget that the painting takes the time it does it can't be rushed, knowing that you would think I could relax and enjoy the process. I do enjoy the process of course. I'm making paintings that I want to make and if I can say that than I think I am lucky. So it is a good ending and I am back in the studio alone for a couple of days. I plan on taking myself out and explore some nature tomorrow take some photos and get some inspiration....The image is a detail of a painting from last year I felt I needed to put something up that is pretty.

Anyway what I wanted to say was last year around this time there was a spider in my studio that caught some big insects in her web and had hundreds of babies. Once she ensnared a large cricket but this thing was fighting suspended in this thick web until it tired of fighting I guess and she went in for the kill. I wish I had seen that but maybe it's better that I didn't. One day they ALL seemed to be gone.

I think one of her offspring survived and she is fertile. There are three eggs sacks and they look alive and many carcasses on the floor. The other day I was disconnecting all of my plugs because Al Gore says so. Anyway, Her web was wrapped up in one of the cords and I do try to stay out of there way but if they get in mine then there is no guarantee that they will survive. I militantly defend them but they live with me and if they are wise stay at the corner where the wall meets the floor. And if you don't know what the sound of the vacuum means it could be your bug undoing.

So when I pulled the plug and she ran and the sticky web was all over. I tried to reconnect the web in one spot and distanced myself. I then discovered millions of itsy bitsy spiders. all in a line. They were adorable. I wonder at what point they are able to sting their prey? Anyway they are amazing little creatures and I am so happy they eat bugs. I love that word bug.

Meanwhile the political climate seems to be changing and I am not happy and I hope that these people who don't believe in global warming can take their heads out of the sand and stop the fracking. I put a link up about fracking but it didn't go anywhere so if you google you can find info.

Carmen McRae is on the radio singing "I'll be Seeing You" she was great.

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