Monday, August 2, 2010

suddenly symbolism?

Hello. Well yes suddenly my abstract paintings have some symbolism. I have no choice but to go with it. Even though strong voices are telling me that I am making paintings that no one will buy. I guess I have to make those to get to the others and what happens is out of my control anyway. I have to have a sense of humor and let loose with my painting not be afraid of being bad. Take a fucking chance. Get over your ass and don't be afraid of being bad I say it again.

Be Bad! Bad is better than doing the same thing over, For Me. As with all quality self help I must always keep the focus blah blah.......On painting.

I could be making the worse paintings of my life or the best. I guess I am doing it. I'm being bad. I have to believe that they are going to be successful.

This image is a detail of an 86"x86" painting I call "Pacific Coast" I just looked back on my posts to see that I have been pushing this image for a while. Like it's the only painting in my studio. I'm not so eager to post new work as it is changing, not finished. How embarrassing.

1 comment:

  1. May I humbly make two suggestions?

    It would be good if you took pictures of your work as in progressed in stages as this is very interesting, and you might then discuss your decisions at each stage.

    I also think the images you post might benefit from being larger.

    Keep up the good work,