Sunday, July 11, 2010

Been a way a while

Hello. I have been a away from the blog for a while. Busy I guess which is an understatement but at last here I am. This past weekend was the annual Artist Alliance of East Hampton Studio Tour which I was a part of and to my relief I have made it through. It was also a very social weekend on many levels. We had overnight houseguests, The tour was Thursday through Saturday, There was a Friday night event that we went to for the Historical Society, A big annual Gay Dance for Pride Agenda, Saturday night which was a blast and Sunday morning I went to ArtHamptons. Let me tell you this was the busiest weekend I've ever had I think.

The best part was I was able to network a little at the events which was good for me. Just strengthening some new friendships and potential business relations. It all depends on the work going forward.

On top of all of this busy life stuff one of my Aunts was ill but since recovered and maybe better than before we are all relieved to know. Fingers and toes.

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