Wednesday, May 5, 2010

blog envy....

Hello. I am preparing for my weekend at Lyons Wier Gallery the Art Bazaar which is May 21st - 23rd. very excited about it and more so because the work is done and now I just have details to arrange. For more information go to the link below.

I realize that time is really precious and after this event I need to get home to visit my mother. It has been a while and I feel really neglectful.

I am in the city and heading to the country tonight. It is nice to be here and hear the city buzz. My building is trying to fight a night club which is not a good neighbor from getting a cabaret license. I don't like standing in the way of business but it is a residential neighborhood at night. Even though it is NYC and just below the Garment District these tall buildings are not just office space people live here. These night clubs are really out of control. From Thursday night through Sunday there are lines of people waiting to get in and then at 4 am or so the unruly one come out and hang out and have loud drunken brawls on the sidewalk. It is out of control. Also there was a gun issue last year in one of the clubs and one person is not around to talk about it anymore so enough really. The owners do not care one bit about any of us so I will go to this meeting to voice my concerns about the matter.

Some would say get a life and to them I say you try to sleep all summer with crazy people screaming at 5am. Another thing the cops have more to think about than controlling loud drunks. Oh and what about the ones that are getting in their cars and driving wherever they live. That's comforting.

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