Friday, May 7, 2010

attempting new things can be exciting

Hello. So today I started using some water based paint as I am down to the deadline for new work to be included in the show. If I want it in it needs to be dry and water based paint is the only option. It is going well. I haven't used this medium in a long time and I am handling it the same way I use oil. Also working on wood panel which make it interesting. Wood panel is not usually the support that one thinks of when thinking of water based medium but then again why not?

I'm loving them actually. The colors are pure and verging on primary which is not the final look but it's the process. This image is a detail of a new large painting. I am very pleased with the merging of both abstract and representational work.

I am in bed relaxing typing and resting as we have three openings to attend tonight. And as we would not be doing this were it not for me I should be an exceptional date for the duration. AS I have a big deal reception coming up I need these for experience. I do feel like the weekend city event is a big deal for me.

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