Tuesday, March 16, 2010

had a brief conversation with...

This is a painting that I have mixed feelings about. It is a big one 86"x86" and reduced to this you miss some subtle passages that I am happy with and I can't see anything else to do so I am just living with it. It is dry and ready to be covered with plastic and stretch new canvas, start anew. Here we go again. I feel so lucky for that blank canvas.

I just switched my header image and I think that is better. I really like it actually I may leave it for a while as planned. The striking light and dark is so easily lost that I want to keep it. I am realizing that I love contrast and many others do as well. It is the kind of painting that I gravitate to. My recent discoveries of painters, Sarah Diveen and Cate Holt, both have huge contrast in their work. And work large. So great to have living heros in your field. An amazing thing about the internets is the ability to have a dialog with yourself and everyone and to have one 0n one dialogs with people so quickly and more efficiently than in person. What I'm getting at is the circle gets smaller in some ways and larger in others. I did have a point. OK I blew it I could have quit while I was a

For all you knew someone could have crept up behind and me and hit me on the head. You can dream.

Hello. I had a brief conversation with a new friend and she was talking about another painter and the style and how you could not always, if ever see or tell how it was done. I've had that conversation with someone else in the passed another painter, it is something that appeals to artists I guess. I must say that when I look at a painting my first impulse is not how they did it. I may be looking at work that shows itself, brushmarks, dreaded palette knife marks, for me that is. I'm not going to try to justify palette knife marks for me they are terrible. This is so much easier than painting, blogging that is.

I was just stretching over my exercise ball and looking at work upside down and thinking wow this is tough and then before I could ask the same old question I remembered my age and thought a little late to be rethinking the painting. All in seconds mind you. Anyway getting the thoughts out there when I am lucky enough to have clarity is important.

I met a great soon to be legendary if not already film set designer. I was able to work with Her on a Michael Douglas picture She accepted eight or so of my paintings for the film. I wrote something about wanting my mother to see some success before we got old and she was touched by that. She told me when we met at the opening party. I can not remember anyway I had the opportunity to stay in touch and let it slip away. Really stupid actually. I guess I could ask my friend if they still have a working connection. I can google her. It is a great name and Her penmanship was beautiful. Off to google.

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  1. I do love large scale paintings but the practical side of getting it in and out of the house/transport etc always puts me off. I do like the freedom in your work as well! what a happy find