Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Love for no reason

This artist left a comment for me and going forward I will post a link to anyone who has a site or blog that leaves a nice comment that is. Just kidding I will not edit. Even if it is mean spirited I will post it. After all LOVE FOR NO REASON.

Hello. I need to get over this feisty anger of mine. That probably will not happen but my intensions are good. I am installing my painting this Friday. Look forward to that being behind me as it is a lot of energy getting it there and putting it together. Here we go again.

I learned a lesson the hard way. I have received two wire payments from Europe and did not take into account the fees that banks on both ends charge. Okay I am not so clever but it is new to me and it got by me. So I have gotten in touch with both and how they handle it is up to them. I could not just let it go and sit quiet. It is my error but why should I be penalized for not thinking of a detail. Especially when both transactions are a good deal for the other party. Live and Learn. That is progress for me because in the past I might have just let it go. I want to speak up for what I need and not be bitter because I did not get it. People need to be told you can't just assume they know.

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  1. Yes been there done it and I did not even get the t shirt.