Monday, October 26, 2009

back from RI, Monday in EH, back to work

Hello. Been away a little while. I am back briefly just to touch base. Saturday afternoon was a party for my Mom with my family and Aunts and a few good friends of Hers. Margaret, Susan and I prepared for this and I did some cooking and psycho in the kitchen as usual. In fairness I didn't scold anyone so that was a triumph. I spent most of the time in the kitchen at the sink or stove and did not enjoy any of the old ladies. Which was really sad for me as they are, the important ones to me anyway, in their or close to eighties.

Of course let's not forget the family dynamic, no matter how happy the household there is a dynamic. And then throw in a artist approaching a certain age with control issues and what have you got. In my case, one never knows. I have to admit I am I guess high maintenance in an emotional kind of way. More and more I do it with love and it is taken that way, I get a lot of leeway.

So I have to say before I sign off that John and I watched a movie last night and it has really stayed with me for the acting alone never mind the fascinating insane characters. "Margot at the Wedding" with Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Jason Leigh. Both amazing performances. JJLeigh is brilliant and so amazingly sexy and just a wonder. She is maybe at her best here I feel. She gives so much to the camera. Written and directed by her husband, can't think of his name, great guy. I guess she felt so safe to really show her vulnerability with Him behind the camera. A testament to trust and love.

Then there is Nicole Kidman, I am a big fan and feared this movie because of the appearance of alterations of whatever kind she has had. It kind of freaked me out that a person that looked the way she did would ever want to change anything. Anyway, she is amazing and went to another level with this movie. It is short and ends just where it should but you could easily watch the nutso people forever. Well I could. The story has lingered on and I think differently about it as time goes on and I think of the events. I see the characters as very complex and beautiful and yes CRAZY. In the end credits you see that Nicole K has a body guard. Isn't it amazing that someone would have to have a guard. I guess if you are fearful for your life you could get a little crazy. Then being an actor, wow, no chance for sanity.

This crazy image is one of three, a diptych and I am embracing it because the only other thing to do is to destroy it and it has it's moments and maybe is something that I have to have some distance from - will improve over time, if installed properly. I will try to get all three up top.

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