Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hey check this out: www.kiptonart.com

Check this out. www.earlyforest.com I called a guy from this company last winter while preparing a painting job. The job was to make paintings of trees native to Canada, one for each conference room, which are named after the trees. So I called to get permission to use the photo, the guy that I spoke with was very positive and it was a nice experience and there photos of trees were beautiful.... So I'm looking at my blog and technorati had some message that I've never noticed and I clicked on it to see this message from this guy from earlyforest.com telling the reader to check out my site for some good painting. That means something is working in the communication...I am very happy.

Hello. I am on this new site that I am very excited about. It is another way of linking up and the site is great and user-friendly. Check it out, artist or not, it's worth looking at.


This is a new painting called "Red Landscape 1". How original....anyway it is 40"x52" very free and the direction I plan to go with painting. Throw the $hit on there, out there, up there.

I love my blog, who knew I would be so crazy about it. Of course it makes perfect sense because it's about me, for me, and by me. I have the feeling that I will be back......tonight. I am excited about a cup of coffee and visiting my studio.

I've started listing on craigslist for my apartment, to sublet after November 1st. Big Wup you say.... I'm working on another 84"x84" painting. A friend that I have been seeing quite a bit of lately talking about painting, art, rather He talks and I listen, offering a thought when I can (get a word in). He is wise and told me that I must make more large paintings because to not do so would be denying the world of my vision. How the %&#* can I argue with that. Seriously though I was quite touched and I plan on doing just that as I love the scale and they can be rolled up and stored in the meantime. This friend Haim Mizrahi and I met two years + ago and He has helped me to get the work out there. He is a tireless artist and new Daddy. So very busy and He gives me a lot of his time. A good friend. www.haimmizrahi.com

My Sister's close friend who grew up in Montauk was visiting with Her sister (she lives in London) in Montauk, a sort of yearly reunion. Anyway, they came to my show over the weekend and it was very nice to meet them out in my setting. I was reminded that my sister gave Her one of my paintings for he last birthday, a view of Montauk, the ocean meeting the shore. How nice to make someone so happy with something that I have created.....I love my sister so much. Are you out there reading??? She is probably the only one who checks in with my blog. She is the best. Actually I am very lucky regarding family - I need to be in better contact with our Mom who turns eighty this October.

We are having a special party for her after my weekend studio tour. Get this, I postponed the party for this tour. Is that the most self centered thing you've ever heard?? I know it is but I had to do it and luckily the following weekend didn't really matter to most of the people involved. I realize that what I am doing, making a career as a painter is not the monumental thing that it used to be. Am I making money? No but I have to believe that there will be a time when I will consistently sell some paintings. If I persist somethings gotta give.

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  1. I'm here! Glad you had a nice visit with Jane and Kate. She is a dear friend and I'm happy to share a part of you with her. You are the best and I love you dearly!