Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday November 23, 2008

Hello. So here it is Sunday night and again very good radio. Just home priming some leaves to use as stencils for some hopefully good painting. Poor Michael Jackson, I'll bet He never imagined He would be what He has become.

Very busy as we are leaving for Egypt on Tuesday. Of course I never studied as much as I wanted but I have looked a bit and will read some more. So amazing that I will be seeing these incredible monuments to the hereafter. feeling a little anxious about traveling so far while my Dad is so frail but I am going so hopefully He will be stable and improve a little.

The image is one of five or six chess sets that I made back in the late nineteen-nineties. This one was constructed from four bamboo table legs and a birch plywood board painted black and white. The board is about 22"x22" approx.

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