Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday Septmeber 25, 2008

This 9"x12" painting was done back in 2005. I did a group of things, still-life's, objects that were in my life, things I held onto for whatever reason. This portrait is of a little ceramic mouse planter. Crazy cute thing. Anyway I made a bunch of little paintings and they were all inspired by Bill Wood, a very good painter.

So it is early and I have not had a cup of coffee yet so I am not responsible for anything that may happen. I have been painting away trying to finish this large painting that I am making. It is for a couple and i think they are going to be very happy. I am pleased so far and I think to day is the day that i can call it done. It is a painting of Banyan Trees that I have discussed on an earlier post so I will not go into it any further and I am happy to have been able to get into it money was the motivation but that holds not guarantee for success. Anyway I worked and I feel great. Soon I will be able to get back to the group that I am really excited about, The Grasses. I have thought about some small versions that I plan on making which will give me a lower price point so hopefully everyone will be happy.

More to come...I'm back and I've painted all day. Nearly finished the painting that I am working on and thinking I will work on the computer tonight.

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